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IHE on Facebook! Join the discussion. Be Welcomed.



IHE on Facebook in a nutshell. IHE Strives to be….

1. Be welcoming and be open to all.

2. Have as few rules as possible. We have two basic rules: 1. be homeschooling or thinking of homeschooling and 2. be mindful that the people you are talking with online are not nameless, faceless people but local people.

3. Allow for information flow. Members are welcome to post events and information from other sources provided that it is an open event/opportunity.

4. Provide a pathway for any member to plan activities. All members are welcome to create, plan and host events. IHE is what its membership makes of it.

5. Have opportunity for real life support as well as online support. Be accessible to those that are seeking face-to-face contact as well as those who have need of only internet support.

When it comes to membership in IHE you get out what you put in. Activities and discussions are determined by the active membership of IHE. Members are encouraged to post discussions and to plan activities that are of interest to them.

Generally speaking IHE is an oddity in the world of local homeschool support groups first because it has no affiliation, no paperwork and no statements. But also because IHE allows a free flow of information about events, other options for support and local activities from other groups.

As such IHE has gathered an incredibly diverse group of interesting and unique people from all paths of life. Be welcomed all.




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