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Central Iowa Secular Homeschoolers

Feb 21, 2013   //   by IHE Admin   //   Support Group  //  Comments Off

Central Iowa Secular Homeschoolers is a group offering support, encouragement, and information to homeschoolers or people considering homeschooling. We always welcome new members but keep our Facebook “closed” so that all posts can only be viewed by members of the group. It helps protect the privacy of our families and children and creates a safer environment for sharing. We may organize group gatherings and tours within central Iowa.

Find Central Iowa Secular Homeschoolers HERE.

Home Educators for Excellence in Des Moines (HEED)

Jul 12, 2011   //   by Bobbi   //   Support Group  //  Comments Off

HEED is a Christian home school support group in the Central Iowa area.



Jul 12, 2011   //   by Bobbi   //   Support Group  //  Comments Off

Our purpose as a Christian home education network is to affirm and encourage families in the Eastern Des Moines community and surrounding areas.

We, as parent educators, are committed to successful training in our homes.

We have membership requirements, a Statement of Faith, and $10 annual fee. We encourage our members to attend SHEEP meetings.

To confirm meeting info or ask about membership, please email at     (type @ instead of “at“)